Scientists Warn Environmental Pollution Has Affected us Mentally… People Becoming Depressed Because of “Nature Deficiency”

Around 800,000 people take their own lives every year, which surpasses the number of people who die in homicides and wars combined, and findings like these could end up saving countless lives if they’re put into action.

(Natural News) Humans continue to pay the price for the destruction of the planet that gives us life in all sorts of ways, as evidenced by the millions of premature deaths caused every year around the world due to outdoor air pollution. However, we are also killing ourselves – quite literally – as a result of the growing absence of trees and green spaces around the planet. This is the finding of a new study published in The Lancet Planetary Health.

The researchers looked at people’s outdoor natural environments in terms of the amount of green space that surrounds them in the form of parks, forests or grass. They also examined the blue space in their surroundings, such as visible bodies of salt water or fresh water, and compared these metrics to local suicide rates.

After studying roughly 400 municipalities throughout the Netherlands, they found that those that boast moderate or large proportions of green space have a lower suicide incidence than those with small amounts of green space. The same mechanism was not true of blue spaces, however.

It is worth keeping in mind that suicide rates are generally associated with the socioeconomic characteristics of an area, which can be related to the natural environment of an area as well. For example, poor areas are sometimes more densely built and have fewer green spaces than affluent neighborhoods, and those living in poverty are also more likely to kill themselves. When the researchers took this into account, their findings held but to a lesser degree. For example, there was a 24 percent lower suicide incidence in areas with lots of green space; this was halved to 12 percent after adjusting for confounders like socioeconomic status.

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