Reality May Not Be Real, According To Scientific Evidence – Everything Is Energy

Now you may ask what does all this mean?

It basically comes down to: that the more we information we uncover about the subatomic world, the more we realize that we know absolutely nothing about the true nature of reality.

What is the Copenhagen Interpretation?

The Copenhagen Interpretation is a scientific way that scientist use to get to their conclusion for understanding reality. It originates from the school quantum mechanics where the primary belief is that reality does not exist without a spectator to observe it.

This may be difficult concept fathom.

We simply can think of it like this: seeing that particles exist in several dimensions at the same time, then there must be someone or something choosing to see it in a singular location, allowing the spectator to see an image.
Researchers in this field of quantum physics beliefs reality only exists because human consciousness wants it to exist, by connecting with the energy we are co-creating the universe.

How the Universe is made up of information?

Entanglement is another mind-blowing discovery in quantum physics.

Entanglement is when two particles collide and then affect the spin of another particle. What makes this extremely interesting is that when these to particles collide, they will never be able to untangle and will be connected indefinitely. Regardless of the distance, they are stretched from each other the spin of the one will always affect the spin of the other. science space earth science space earth science space earth science space earth science space earth 

Scientist has been able to observe this in living cells. In one prominent experiment, researchers grew algae cells in a petri-dish. They then separated these cells into two halves, moving one half to another laboratory. The findings were no matter the distance; when a low-voltage current was applied to one of the petri-dishes, it would always affect the cells in the other petri dish in the same way at the same moment.

How Is this possible?

Being able to understand this we need to change the way we think of the universe. We Need to see the universe as a physical realm in which the things we see, and sense are all that exists. As famous physicist Sir Roger Penrose explained it, “we must envision the universe as nothing but information

In believing that the physical universe is just a product of a theoretical universe that interconnects everything and everyone in an unobservable way. All information is lodged into the physical constructs of the physical universe but is channeled to our physical states from the theoretical realm, first theorized by the Greek philosopher, Plato.

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